Past Events

March 6, 2024 March Luncheon- “Profit with Purpose: Incorporating Donor Advised Funds in the Sale of a Business”
Jeff Gerold, CFP®, CEPA®
February 7, 2024 February Luncheon- "Family Legacy/Heritage Planning
Rodney (Rod) C. Zeeb, JD, HDP
January 3, 2024 January Luncheon- "Labor Market Perspectives in East Texas”
Dr. Manuel Reyes
December 5, 2023 December Luncheon- "SECURE 2.0: What You Need To Know"
Jana L. Simons, LL.M., J.D., CFP®
November 1, 2023 November ETEPC Luncheon- "Thinking the Unthinkable: Selling the Family Business"
Larry S. Starks, CFA
October 4, 2023 October ETEPC Luncheon - “Gifts from Cousin Eddie - Acceptance, Ownership & Management of Bizarre Assets"
Megan C. Sanders
September 13, 2023 ETEPC Fall Kickoff Networking Mixer
March 1, 2023 March ETEPC Luncheon - "Current Happenings in Oil and Gas"
David C. Smith, Argent Mineral Management
January 4, 2023 January ETEPC Luncheon - "Selling a Medical Practice: Improving Outcomes for Practice Owners"
Daniel Brunello, Strategist, Bernstein Private Wealth Management Houston
December 7, 2022 December ETEPC Luncheon - "Marital Property Concerns in Estate Planning and Administration"
Professor Thomas M. Featherston, Jr. - The Mills Cox Chair of Law Baylor Law School
November 2, 2022 November ETEPC Luncheon - “What will your legacy be? Working with individuals to create their charitable legacy.”
Cathy Sheffield - Chief Advancement Officer of Lena Pope in Fort Worth, Texas
October 5, 2022 October ETEPC Luncheon - "Death, Divorce and Dough"
Sarina Hager and Carey Christie - Attorneys at Hager Law, PLLC
September 27, 2022 Fall Kickoff Networking Mixer
March 2, 2022 March ETEPC Luncheon
Dusty Wallace, CFP, JD and Jana Simons, JD, LLM, CFP
February 2, 2022 February ETEPC Luncheon
Joel Crouch, JD
January 5, 2022 January ETEPC Luncheon
Kacie Czapla, J.D., LL.M, CPA
September 17, 2020 2020-2021 Kickoff Mixer
February 19, 2020 February ETEPC Luncheon
Denise Schuh
January 22, 2020 January ETEPC Luncheon
Larry Starks
November 22, 2019 November ETEPC Luncheon
Jamie Katzen
October 22, 2019 October ETEPC Luncheon
Brian Brandt and Ashley Kutach
September 19, 2019 UT Tyler Soules College of Business Mixer Kick-Off
Dr. Robert Beatty, Dean of the Soules College of Business
March 20, 2019 March ETEPC Luncheon Meeting
Henry Charles “Chuck” Bauman, III, CELA
February 20, 2019 February ETEPC Luncheon Meeting
Douglas D. Box
January 16, 2019 January ETEPC Luncheon Meeting
George Coleman and Bennett Cullum
November 13, 2018 November ETEPC Luncheon Meeting
Thomas W. Cullinam, J.D., FCEP®
October 17, 2018 October ETEPC Luncheon Meeting
Michael Finke, PH.D, CFP
September 18, 2018 Kickoff Reception/Mixer
March 4, 2015 Charitable Planning 101: What You Need to Know
Darren Moore
February 4, 2015 Sale of a Business Issues
Brian Wodar
January 7, 2015 Death & Probate: Selected End of Life Issues
Melissa Willms
November 12, 2014 The Not So New 3.8% Surtax - What is it? Is There Anything That Can be Done About it?
Scott Carter
October 1, 2014 Estate Planning Options When Long Term Care Insurance is Inadequate
Michael Cohen
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